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Hardgood are becoming more and more popular now a days.  One such product is Engineered Wood Floors, which are being used for a wide range of applications from Residential properties to large Hotels.  This product has advantages over traditional Wood Floors that allow for quick installation with minimum inconvenience.  This product comes prefinished so, there is no waiting time for coats of urethane to dry.     

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1. BHK
Author:Samuel Leichter BHK of America, a pioneer in bringing glueless flooring products to the U.S., manufactures quality, innovative flooring products with its complete line of moderna glueless flooring systems. BHK's moderna product line features beautiful American woodgrains, patterns and wood species to suit every design style and taste. The moderna flooring line offers something for everyone. Choose from our laminate, solid wood, engineered wood and cork flooring products. All BHK products feature the patented Uniclic glueless technology which boasts a 50% faster installation over traditional glued systems. Durability and good looks are combined with fast, easy installation and easy to clean maintenance.
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Author:Samuel Leichter Burke Flooring  provides architects and designers a wide range of resilient flooring products in an array of color coordinated patterns and textures that together create a safe, attractive and functional environment. Our products are design oriented with a focus on the end user’s needs, their preferences for function in a specific environment, the materials they prefer and the aesthetics that they demand.  We invite you to explore our broad selection of tile, stair products; wall base and transition strips featuring our Burke, Mercer and Endura brands now available in our color coordinated Uni-Color System. Burke Flooring is committed to providing quality flooring products that consider the best use of natural resources and the long term impact on the environment.  To that end, we have established the following corporate directive: “All new Flooring products introduced to the market will include the use of sustainable and/or recycled materials” Concurrent with this initiative we will work to reengineer our existing products to meet these same criteria. This reflects a commitment to the environment and one that both challenges and excites our team. To simplify this process, we are introducing a new Environmental Symbol throughout our literature to identify products that contain a minimum of 10% Recycled Content and can contribute to LEED qualification points. The first product to receive this seal is our EcoScore Multi-Purpose fitness tile.  This product contains more than 60% post-consumer recycled content and is, in our opinion, the most environmentally responsible, high performance fitness tile on the market. We encourage you to continue to visit us here for the latest product information as we move forward in reengineering our product offering to meet our environmental commitment.
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Author:Samuel Leichter Tarkett was founded over 130 years ago and is now the largest resilient manufacturer in the world with over 28 production centers in more than 100 countries. In North America, Tarkett owns and operates nine manufacturing units that support a distribution network extending across the United States and Canada. Its comprehensive product lines are renowned in the industry for their high quality, diversity and innovation.   Tarkett uses some of the most sophisticated technologies available to produce a broad range of resilient sheet and tile, linoleum, hardwood and laminate flooring products under the names Tarkett®, Azrock® by Tarkett, and Expressions™ by Tarkett. All of Tarkett’s commercial products are designed to meet the styling and installation needs of a diverse customer base, ranging from education and healthcare facilities to high-fashion retail stores and grocery stores.    In addition to style and function, Tarkett also maintains a strong focus on producing environmentally sound products as well as constantly seeking green manufacturing systems and new recycling methods in all phases of a product's life. As the first North American resilient flooring manufacturer to offer a reclamation program, Tarkett recycles waste from installations into new flooring projects in all US plants. In addition, the Quality Management Systems for all manufacturing facilities have been awarded ISO 9001:2008 registration and all Tarkett Commercial products are FloorScore certified as well as help contribute to achieving potential LEED points.
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4. Expanko
Author:Samuel Leichter Expanko, best known for high quality cork flooring, also offers floating floor, recycled rubber and cork/rubber flooring, as well as other types of cork products. At Expanko we are dedicated to offering innovative, environmentally friendly products which are durable, comfortable and easy to maintain. Expanko products are not only beautiful and durable but are also easy to install. From time to time we receive pictures from customers of installations they have done themselves by following Expanko's simple instructions. If you have done an installation of your own and would like it displayed on our web site, please send us an email!
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Author:Samuel Leichter Since 1898, hardwood flooring products have been produced by our company in Johnson City, TN. The Tarkett brand of quality hardwood flooring continues to be produced by ArborCraft at our new (in 1992) Eddie Williams Rd. plant in Johnson City. ArborCraft has the ability to manufacture its own engineered wood panels at its 20 acre, 100,000 sq ft facility in Montpelier, IN. ArborCraft’s engineered wood panels are converted to precision flooring products within the 225,000 sq ft of manufacturing space at the Johnson City, TN plant. Our vertically integrated manufacturing approach allows ArborCraft to produce a full range of pre-finished engineered, solid and parquet flooring plus a wide range of complementary molding products. Tarkett hardwood floors are manufactured in a wide range of widths, lengths, species, colors, and textures. Distinctive, unfinished Bondwood parquet flooring has been produced at the original plant on Maple Street in Johnson City since 1955. ArborCraft has two main product brands in North America: Harris Wood and Tarkett Wood. ArborCraft is proud to be a full line hardwood flooring manufacturer, American-owned and independent. It is owned by New Stream Capital Investments.
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6. Mondo
Author:Samuel Leichter Specialized in the production of high quality resilient flooring, Mondo is recognised as a world leader in the production of rubber and PVC flooring, designed for both sport and contract applications. The sports division not only provides highly innovative surfaces for various disciplines as well as equipment, video screens and seats for sports facilities and stadiums Mondo concentrates its R&D efforts on the creation of floorings that are ergonomically correct for the human body. Care and attention are given to the chromatic selections and design in realising comfortable environments that have considerable aesthetic impact. Thanks to its rigorous research Mondo manufactures surfaces that satisfy the biomechanics of the human body.
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Author:Samuel Leichter Natural Cork’s operations in North America started in 1994. The early nineties saw the resurgence of cork flooring and the company was instrumental in promoting the category, rapidly becoming the most recognized brand in the industry. By elevating the standards of quality and bringing forth product innovations, Natural Cork is committed to growing the market share of cork flooring in this country, among the hard surfaces offerings. Since the beginning of 2005, Natural Cork has extended its product selection to include unique flooring lines made of natural resources. While contributing to the company’s growth, the addition of bamboo floors, and antiqued wood floors complement the extensive cork line, and create an opportunity for new profit centers for our customer base. In 2006, while going through a phase of several years of very high growth rate, the company implemented several strategic changes and redefined itself by changing its name from "Natural Cork" to "Natural Cork & More". Cork Flooring Cork flooring is produced in Portugal, which has the largest concentration of trees, and a long standing tradition of manufacturing in this field from the bark treatment to wine stoppers production, cork’s primary use, and the many derivative articles using all post industrial by-products. The manufacturing facilities whereNatural Cork flooring is produced, have the latest generation of machinery and all fabrication processes are in accordance with the most stringent environmental standards in Europe. Today, Natural Cork manufactures the highest quality cork flooring ever produced. Products include a large selection of floating floors, tiles with unique patterns and colors, underlayments in rolls and sheets, and even wall tiles. Natural Cork floors are treated with MICROBAN® an anti-microbial treatment, to prevent the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria, to increase the longevity of the floors and provide a healthier environment. Bamboo Flooring The company sources Bamboo flooring from the Anji area, China’s bamboo capital where the local authorities impose strict controls of the cutting process in the adjoining forests. Natural Cork has selected some manufacturing partners with modern facilities to produce its flooring according to rigid specifications, using adhesives and finishes meeting or exceeding the environmental requirements. Natural Cork’s company employees work full time in the plants to inspect the different stages of production and control the quality of the finished products. Natural Cork is the only foreign member of the Anji Bamboo Flooring Association, holding an advisory role. Wood Flooring Our company is committed to source globally unique specialty wood flooring, harvested from legal sources and processed in accordance to international environmental standards. Today, "Green" is in but Natural Cork has embraced "Green" practices long before it became such a movement through collective action. Natural CORK has always been committed to developing products that are safe for human habitation, utilizing sustainable materials, and employing technologies which minimally affect our natural world. Innovation, product availability, quality, variety, and technical support come together in one company to support a brand we can offer to our customers with confidence and pride.
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8. Pergo
Author:Samuel Leichter Pergo® is the world's most recognized and trusted flooring brand. We invented the category over 30 years ago and continue to innovate with around 500 patents and pending patent applications throughout the world. With operations and sales in North America, Europe and Asia, Pergo is dedicated to creating high quality laminate flooring with fashion forward designs and leading technologies. In addition to its successful laminate products, Pergo introduced a premium hardwood product into the US market beginning in 2004. Throughout North America, consumers can find Pergo products at leading home improvement stores and more than 5,000 independent specialty retailers. In Europe, the products are sold to a variety of residential and commercial consumers via flooring and paint stores, wholesalers and various home improvement chains.
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