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An Environmentally Cautious Floor Covering company

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Our company deals primarily with general contractors, so we understand your need for timely installations, quality merchandise, a variety of samples, and knowledgeable service. With the number of installers we have available for our use, we are able to perform to meet your ever changing schedules and needs.

Our broad selection of carpet types ranges from $15 to $100 per square yard. The lower cost products consist of level loop poly propylene carpets that are used for commercial applications of all sorts including apartment buildings, and projects with tight budgets. The higher end products consist of plush's, tip sheared, and loop pile carpets. We have over 8,000 samples that your decorator, designer, or architect can use as their personal library.

We are constantly updating our knowledge of new products.  Our focus is on recyclable and sustainable carpets (would you believe that one mills researcing how to use corn as a fiber to produce carpeting?). When major mills sell to a customer directly they will ask for a reputable company to do the installation. We receive a large number of these calls because we can perform to meet their needs. We have warehousing capability so we can stage the installation in a secure environment.

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Carpet/Commercial and Residential
Author:Samuel Leichter Few designers are familiar with the name Artisans, however many have seen our work, admired our craftsmanship and even been inspired by our artistry. For years we have been working behind the scenes of the carpet industry launching award-winning programs and products for other mills that have been recognized in all categories of carpet styling. Artisans’ heritage reaches back to the early years of carpet development. Our team of experts continue to contribute to the advancement of printed carpet with dying, tufting and styling techniques that have set standards. Over the years mills have utilized our exceptional talents and superior experience to develop and produce some of the industry’s most notable products. We are proud to say that many companies offering printed carpets turn to Artisans for assistance with styling and design.   With an extensive selection of patterns to choose from, your choices are limited only by your imagination and our in-house design team can also help bring your custom creations to life. Flexibility in design and construction is another way Artisans brings added value to our products. Our commitment to quality is evident in materials and craftsmanship and most standard products are backed by a 10 year Limited Wear Warranty.   From the moment you contact Artisans you will experience our technical skill, product knowledge and customer focus. Artisans’ customer service and technical support representatives are here to help you in all areas as you finalize your project requirements.   We welcome you to experience Artisans...
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Carpet/Commercial and Residential
Author:Samuel Leichter Atlas Carpet Mills is committed to manufacturing in an environmentally responsible manner. All Atlas products have a minimum of 10% post consumer recycled content and are CRI Green Label Plus certified, both attributes may contribute points towards a project LEED certification. In addition, through alternative backing systems or the use on a custom basis of High Recycled Content Antron nylon type 6,6 yarn the percent of recycled content in a particular carpet can be increased. Further adding to Atlas' contribution towards points for LEED certification.
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Carpet/Commercial and Residential
Author:Samuel Leichter Our commitment at Barrett is to manufacture quality tufted carpet through an effective continuous quality system employing highly trained and involved personnel, and to supply all our customers with the service assurance that they have come to expect. Barrett commits to each customer that we as a company will strive to make available to our customers the best possible carpet for the best possible price. We commit to treat each customer respectfully striving to handle their orders and concerns honestly, fairly, and as expeditiously as possible. We commit to do everything possible to make our customers want to continue to do business with Barrett. To our employees, we commit that we will treat all employees respectfully, providing fair wages and benefits, and a safe hospitable environment in which to work. We will strive to make our facilities injury free. We pledge to listen to our employees concerns and to act upon them promptly where action is necessary. To our stockholders, we pledge honesty and our best efforts to provide a reasonable return on your investment.
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Carpet/Commercial and Residential
Author:Samuel Leichter Beaulieu Commercial's creativity and quality are driven by its people and by its enormous investment in advanced technology. The technology is so new and capabilities so large that we haven't begun to tap into all the possibilities. Our three distinctive brands are developed for different segments in the commercial furnishings and design industry: BOLYU - The high-styled, sophisticated product for high-profile places. Cambridge - Style and performance for those value-conscious jobs. Aqua- The hospitality solution. From office and hospitality to retail, institutional, educational and healthcare environments, our brands offer various levels of flexibility, functionality and style to meet all of the facility project needs of the design community. An enduring commitment to vertical integration allows us to maintain strict standards and controls at every phase of production. Leading-edge tufting and backing capabilities produce trend-setting floor fabrics with technically superior performance benefits. Environmental Initiatives Sustainability. Cleanability. Protection. Purity. Recycling. Ecological responsibility is an important part of our vision. As we seek ways to enhance the human environment, we consider it an obligation to protect and improve the global environment. This is why we go beyond mere compliance with federal regulations, and constantly strive to innovate processes for pollutant-free production and protection of the land, water, and air. Our focus is on creating environments in which everyone involved with our organization can thrive, from our employees, to our customers, to the communities in which we operate. Through a multitude of efforts in every corner of our facilities, Beaulieu Commercial stands as the industry’s most responsible citizen.
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Carpet/Commercial and Residential
Author:Samuel Leichter Blue Ridge appreciates the power of design. Our inspiration comes in a variety of forms, from our beautiful location in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains to the arts and crafts heritage of our community. In fact, Blue Ridge is becoming a virtual gallery of design talent. We utilize an eclectic mixture of award-winning independent product designers to create original combinations of color, texture and pattern in a variety of forms. Just take a look at some of our latest product collections, and you'll discover a classic, hand-crafted style that distinguishes Blue Ridge carpet from the "me-too" design mentality. When it comes to custom products, we must admit that our manufacturing agility comes in handy. For instance, many of our products can be custom colored for a low minimum of 45 feet. Blue Ridge also produces numerous custom patterns, textures and weights on a routine basis. While some may consider Blue Ridge to be a boutique mill, we prefer to think of ourselves in more modest terms. Our products are designed to perform beautifully in a wide variety of commercial environments. We have no interest in being pigeon-holed. If you need it, we'll make it, and we prefer to keep it that simple.
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Carpet/Commercial and Residential
Author:Samuel Leichter For over forty-five years, Royalty’s success at meeting the needs of the retail and builder communities has made us one of the largest and most experienced privately owned carpet manufacturers in the country. Since 1963, we have built a quality reputation for on-time delivery and top quality products at an excellent value. West Coast Integration Royalty Carpet Mills is headquartered in beautiful Irvine, California where we are the only West Coast carpet manufacturer that is vertically integrated throughout the manufacturing process. We begin the process in our facility in Porterville where we spin raw fiber into yarn. From there we transport the yarn to our tufting facility in Santa Ana, where it is tufted into undyed greige rolls. The greige rolls are then transported to our dyehouse in Irvine, where they are dyed, dried and backed on our state-of-the-art finishing equipment. The finished rolls are then transported to our distribution center, also in Irvine, where they are warehoused until ready for shipment. By controlling all aspects of production, Royalty can assure the highest quality products at the best prices, which equals the greatest value for our customers. Quality, Service and Dependability have propelled Royalty from a small distributorship to one of the largest residential carpet mills in the United States. From our initial West Coast concentration, we have gradually expanded our market areas to all corners of the United States and Canada, as well as the Asian and European markets. Royalty also holds two wholly-owned subsidiaries – PacifiCrest Mills and Camelot Carpet Mills.
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Carpet/Commercial and Residential
Author:Samuel Leichter With more than 25 years of experience in the carpet industry, Clayton Miller is known for devotion to unique and beautiful design, quality manufacturing, and reliable professional service. Luxury hotels including the Grand Hyatt New York, Four Seasons Los Angeles and W Hotels turn to Clayton Miller for top quality, stylish carpet. Now Clayton Miller unites all of its brands in a single voice that speaks to corporate, residential and hospitality design. Clayton Miller Hospitality Carpet is the foundation of the company and offers a wide variety of custom patterns in numerous constructions to fit any project. From guest rooms to public space, tufted to woven to hand tufted, Clayton Miller covers the spectrum in hospitality. The Cadence line is our contract broadloom focused on fashionable corporate projects. Our newest line, Nest, brings high design home with richly textured wool broadloom for luxury residential spaces.
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Carpet/Commercial and Residential
Author:Samuel Leichter Crossley Carpet Mills creates floorcovering solutions that enhance spaces for learning, working, healing, and living through inspired design, leading-edge technology, unprecedented achievement toward sustainability, and an absolute commitment to continued leadership. Drawing upon each brand's individual strengths, Tandus offers its customers single-source innovative product design and technology, comprehensive services, and environmental leadership. Spanning diverse product categories including modular tile, six-foot structured back, and tufted and woven broadloom, each of our three floorcovering brands – Monterey, C&A and Crossley - offers standard product families with coordinated styles that enhance the appearance of any facility without compromising durability or cost effectiveness. Tandus harnesses the design expertise of each brand, offering customers infinite possibilities for carpet customization.
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Carpet/Commercial and Residential
Author:Samuel Leichter Carpet must meet three important criteria: it must look great, combining unique designs and color options; it must perform, withstanding all the abuse busy commercial interiors can muster; and of course it must work within the project budget. No other carpet meets these three challenges as effectively as carpets designed and sold by J&J Commercial.
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10. Karastan
Carpet/Commercial and Residential
Author:Samuel Leichter We are proud of our past—the rugs and carpets we have designed and the processes we have invented. Karastan has always taken flooring in bold new directions. The superior talents of our forefathers are forever entwined in our brand, as is their innovative spirit, vision, and passion. Still, this is only the beginning of our story. Karastan’s history is in the making. We are always moving ahead with new ideas, new colors, new fibers, and new techniques to make your home a beautiful—and more personal—place in which to live. Just as time moves ever forward, so too does the spirit of Karastan innovation. Journey with us and experience the many ways we give you to “Make a Statement. Your Own.
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