An Environmentally Cautious Floor Covering company

An Environmentally Cautious Floor Covering company

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Concrete Staining continues to evolve into the 21st Century.  Now there is a water based Stain that doesn't have any negative affect on the environment.  A Concrete Floor that has been Stained is easy to clean and has a unique look that a lot of people like.  It is very poplular in Retail applications that have heavy traffic volumes. 

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Cement/Commercial and Residential
Author:Samuel Leichter Since 2006, Scofield has been voted the #1 Ranked Brand in several categories by the readers of CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION magazine. CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION, published by Hanley-Wood, based its new 2008 rankings on a survey of contractors selected from over 50,000 subscribers. Scofield products are ranked #1 in Brands Used in the Past 2 Years and #1 in Brand Familiarity in the following categories: Integral Concrete Color, Concrete Stains & Dyes, Dry Shake Concrete Color Hardener, Concrete Stamping Tools and Deck Coatings.
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