An Environmentally Cautious Floor Covering company

An Environmentally Cautious Floor Covering company

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Barrett Carpets

Our commitment at Barrett is to manufacture quality tufted carpet through an effective continuous quality system employing highly trained and involved personnel, and to supply all our customers with the service assurance that they have come to expect.

Barrett commits to each customer that we as a company will strive to make available to our customers the best possible carpet for the best possible price. We commit to treat each customer respectfully striving to handle their orders and concerns honestly, fairly, and as expeditiously as possible. We commit to do everything possible to make our customers want to continue to do business with Barrett.

To our employees, we commit that we will treat all employees respectfully, providing fair wages and benefits, and a safe hospitable environment in which to work. We will strive to make our facilities injury free. We pledge to listen to our employees concerns and to act upon them promptly where action is necessary.

To our stockholders, we pledge honesty and our best efforts to provide a reasonable return on your investment.