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An Environmentally Cautious Floor Covering company

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Written by Samuel Leichter   
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Blueridge Commercial Carpets

Blue Ridge appreciates the power of design. Our inspiration comes in a variety of forms, from our beautiful location in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains to the arts and crafts heritage of our community. In fact, Blue Ridge is becoming a virtual gallery of design talent. We utilize an eclectic mixture of award-winning independent product designers to create original combinations of color, texture and pattern in a variety of forms. Just take a look at some of our latest product collections, and you'll discover a classic, hand-crafted style that distinguishes Blue Ridge carpet from the "me-too" design mentality.

When it comes to custom products, we must admit that our manufacturing agility comes in handy. For instance, many of our products can be custom colored for a low minimum of 45 feet. Blue Ridge also produces numerous custom patterns, textures and weights on a routine basis. While some may consider Blue Ridge to be a boutique mill, we prefer to think of ourselves in more modest terms. Our products are designed to perform beautifully in a wide variety of commercial environments. We have no interest in being pigeon-holed. If you need it, we'll make it, and we prefer to keep it that simple.