An Environmentally Cautious Floor Covering company

An Environmentally Cautious Floor Covering company

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Beaulieu commercial

Beaulieu Commercial's creativity and quality are driven by its people and by its enormous investment in advanced technology. The technology is so new and capabilities so large that we haven't begun to tap into all the possibilities. Our three distinctive brands are developed for different segments in the commercial furnishings and design industry:

BOLYU - The high-styled, sophisticated product for high-profile places.

Cambridge - Style and performance for those value-conscious jobs.

Aqua- The hospitality solution.

From office and hospitality to retail, institutional, educational and healthcare environments, our brands offer various levels of flexibility, functionality and style to meet all of the facility project needs of the design community.

An enduring commitment to vertical integration allows us to maintain strict standards and controls at every phase of production. Leading-edge tufting and backing capabilities produce trend-setting floor fabrics with technically superior performance benefits.

Environmental Initiatives

Sustainability. Cleanability. Protection. Purity. Recycling. Ecological responsibility is an important part of our vision. As we seek ways to enhance the human environment, we consider it an obligation to protect and improve the global environment. This is why we go beyond mere compliance with federal regulations, and constantly strive to innovate processes for pollutant-free production and protection of the land, water, and air.

Our focus is on creating environments in which everyone involved with our organization can thrive, from our employees, to our customers, to the communities in which we operate. Through a multitude of efforts in every corner of our facilities, Beaulieu Commercial stands as the industry’s most responsible citizen.