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An Environmentally Cautious Floor Covering company

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Camelot Carpet Mills

For over forty-five years, Royalty’s success at meeting the needs of the retail and builder communities has made us one of the largest and most experienced privately owned carpet manufacturers in the country. Since 1963, we have built a quality reputation for on-time delivery and top quality products at an excellent value.

West Coast Integration

Royalty Carpet Mills is headquartered in beautiful Irvine, California where we are the only West Coast carpet manufacturer that is vertically integrated throughout the manufacturing process. We begin the process in our facility in Porterville where we spin raw fiber into yarn. From there we transport the yarn to our tufting facility in Santa Ana, where it is tufted into undyed greige rolls. The greige rolls are then transported to our dyehouse in Irvine, where they are dyed, dried and backed on our state-of-the-art finishing equipment. The finished rolls are then transported to our distribution center, also in Irvine, where they are warehoused until ready for shipment. By controlling all aspects of production, Royalty can assure the highest quality products at the best prices, which equals the greatest value for our customers.

Quality, Service and Dependability

have propelled Royalty from a small distributorship to one of the largest residential carpet mills in the United States. From our initial West Coast concentration, we have gradually expanded our market areas to all corners of the United States and Canada, as well as the Asian and European markets.

Royalty also holds two wholly-owned subsidiaries – PacifiCrest Mills and Camelot Carpet Mills.