An Environmentally Cautious Floor Covering company

An Environmentally Cautious Floor Covering company

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Written by Samuel Leichter   
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Natural Cork

Natural Cork’s operations in North America started in 1994. The early nineties saw the resurgence of cork flooring and the company was instrumental in promoting the category, rapidly becoming the most recognized brand in the industry.

By elevating the standards of quality and bringing forth product innovations, Natural Cork is committed to growing the market share of cork flooring in this country, among the hard surfaces offerings.

Since the beginning of 2005, Natural Cork has extended its product selection to include unique flooring lines made of natural resources. While contributing to the company’s growth, the addition of bamboo floors, and antiqued wood floors complement the extensive cork line, and create an opportunity for new profit centers for our customer base.

In 2006, while going through a phase of several years of very high growth rate, the company implemented several strategic changes and redefined itself by changing its name from "Natural Cork" to "Natural Cork & More".

Cork Flooring
Cork flooring is produced in Portugal, which has the largest concentration of trees, and a long standing tradition of manufacturing in this field from the bark treatment to wine stoppers production, cork’s primary use, and the many derivative articles using all post industrial by-products.

The manufacturing facilities whereNatural Cork flooring is produced, have the latest generation of machinery and all fabrication processes are in accordance with the most stringent environmental standards in Europe.

Today, Natural Cork manufactures the highest quality cork flooring ever produced. Products include a large selection of floating floors, tiles with unique patterns and colors, underlayments in rolls and sheets, and even wall tiles.

Natural Cork floors are treated with MICROBAN® an anti-microbial treatment, to prevent the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria, to increase the longevity of the floors and provide a healthier environment.

Bamboo Flooring
The company sources Bamboo flooring from the Anji area, China’s bamboo capital where the local authorities impose strict controls of the cutting process in the adjoining forests.

Natural Cork has selected some manufacturing partners with modern facilities to produce its flooring according to rigid specifications, using adhesives and finishes meeting or exceeding the environmental requirements. Natural Cork’s company employees work full time in the plants to inspect the different stages of production and control the quality of the finished products.

Natural Cork is the only foreign member of the Anji Bamboo Flooring Association, holding an advisory role.

Wood Flooring
Our company is committed to source globally unique specialty wood flooring, harvested from legal sources and processed in accordance to international environmental standards.

Today, "Green" is in but Natural Cork has embraced "Green" practices long before it became such a movement through collective action. Natural CORK has always been committed to developing products that are safe for human habitation, utilizing sustainable materials, and employing technologies which minimally affect our natural world.

Innovation, product availability, quality, variety, and technical support come together in one company to support a brand we can offer to our customers with confidence and pride.